Our business is to cultivate talent. “Training” is but a subset of the cultivation process. As cultivators of talent, we partner with some of the best sport coaches and medical professionals to create your own high performance training team. We leave no stone unturned to help you grow as an athlete.

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The first step in our training process is to conduct a screening of your movement abilities with the Functional Movement Screen or the Titleist Performance Institute golf screen. Athletic movement is all about cause-and-effect. Without an effective screening, you risk dealing with effects, rather than fundamental causes.

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Our role is to help you grow as an athlete. We collect a great deal of information about you through screening and assessment. We channel this information to into an athletic development process of screening, correction, learning, and conditioning. Each stage of this process flows logically toward achieving helping you achieve your athletic potential.

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The Pike Performance running and triathlon program integrates the best of time tested aerobic conditioning principles with modern advancements in movement based strength and conditioning. Whether you live nearby in Tucson, Arizona or whether you live elsewhere, Pike Performance can help you maximize your endurance sport ability.

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Athletic development specialists dedicated to the art and science of excellence in movement

Recent Articles

Notes from StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Certification

This post is waaaayyy overdue but I was going through some old notes from my Level II certification (led by former Master SFG Dave Whitley) and decided it was time to finally post these. As you can see, most of these are more big picture philosophy and less oriented toward the technical aspects of the lifts.  1. We care about good form, right? So let’s try to define it…&helli...Read more


StrongEndurance Recap

This July I had the good fortune to attend the highly anticipated inaugural presentation of Pavel's Strong Endurance seminar.     A common question I have received in recent weeks is "how does this course compare to Plan Strong?" Based on what I understand from those who have attended Plan Strong, this course...Read more


The Strength Retreat 2016 Review

The Strength Retreat, Year Two was another smashing success. This unique gathering of strength, led by Master SFG Karen Smith and Senior SFG’s Betsy Collie and Delaine Ross and hosted by SFG Team Leader Hector Gutierrez at his Hardstyle KBJJ, offered a weekend of enjoyment and camaraderie packed with content. Because this was mostly a “learning by doing” course, these notes will ...Read more


Rocktape Level I Recap: 20 Take Home Points

Better late than never for this post!! Thanks to Dr. Kreisworth and the team at Rocktape for an excellent course! 1) How is it different than other taping courses? Rocktape believes their tape is better product. But the theoretical basis is different. Rocktape = more movement based rather than protocols based on “excitation” and “inhibition.” But they ultimately re...Read more


Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Course "B": Notes and Recap

Some notes from Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Course "B" taught by Magalena Lepiskova and Clare Frank... For previous DNS course reviews see: DNS Sport/Exercise I (2012) DNS Sport/Exercise II (2013) DNS Course A (2013) DNS Sport/Exercise (2015) *Reflex locomotion = ultimate movement jumper cables (but you don't use them ev...Read more


Thoughts from the StrongFirst Bodyweight Certification with Chief SFB Karen Smith (October 2015)

Some thoughts from last month's StrongFirst Bodyweight Certification where I had the honor of assisting Chief SFB Karen Smith Before getting started...For additional recaps of prior SFB events see: Tucson La Jolla Houston *Let's start with the strength tests....one arm one leg push up (OAOLPU) for males, one arm push up (OAPU) for femal...Read more


Clinical Pearls from the 2015 Brainstorm Seminar

Last weekend I attended the Brainstorm seminar hosted by the Parker University Neurology club.  The seminar featured some of the top clinicians in the field of chiropractic neurology and covered wide ranging topics.  Though I've had many opportunities to "cross train" with chiropractors in multiple settings, this was the first official chiropractic event that I attended. &n...Read more