Our business is to cultivate talent. “Training” is but a subset of the cultivation process. As cultivators of talent, we partner with some of the best sport coaches and medical professionals to create your own high performance training team. We leave no stone unturned to help you grow as an athlete.

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The first step in our training process is to conduct a screening of your movement abilities with the Functional Movement Screen or the Titleist Performance Institute golf screen. Athletic movement is all about cause-and-effect. Without an effective screening, you risk dealing with effects, rather than fundamental causes.

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Our role is to help you grow as an athlete. We collect a great deal of information about you through screening and assessment. We channel this information to into an athletic development process of screening, correction, learning, and conditioning. Each stage of this process flows logically toward achieving helping you achieve your athletic potential.

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The Pike Performance running and triathlon program integrates the best of time tested aerobic conditioning principles with modern advancements in movement based strength and conditioning. Whether you live nearby in Tucson, Arizona or whether you live elsewhere, Pike Performance can help you maximize your endurance sport ability.

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Athletic development specialists in Tucson, Arizona dedicated to the art and science of excellence in movement

Recent Articles

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization: Exercise Part I Recap

A couple months ago I had the opportunity to retake DNS Exercise I (formerly Sport I), hosted by Southern California University of Health Sciences (Katherine’s school) and organized by Dr. Michael Rintala. And it is certainly a treat when Petra is back to teach on of the DNS courses in the United States!  This course was particularly special as it was the first time Katherine and I had ...Read more


Review of Charlie Weingroff's "Training=Rehab 2: Lateralizations and Regressions"

Bottom line up front: If you are a coach or clinician seeking to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance in a high performance training model, Charlie Weingroff’s acclaimed DVD series Training Equals Rehab 2: Lateralizations and Regressions is a "must have."  This video series offers a full blown workshop brought to life on DVD (and now available for downloa...Read more


StrongFirst Bodyweight User Course with Master SFG Karen Smith, Review and Recap (Houston, Texas)

It’s a little early for Thanksgiving, but one thing for which I am thankful is how circumstance led me all the way from Texas to Virginia Beach, VA last April to complete my SFG Recertification with Master SFG Karen Smith at her former gym Kettlebell-Elite.  The opportunity to work with one of the best instructors on the planet has been priceless for development as an instructor and in ...Read more


Build Your Running Body: Book Review

Recently I read the much acclaimed book Build Your Running Body, authored collectively by masters running legend Pete Magill, coach Tom "Tinman" Schwartz of The Run Zone, and nutritionist Melissa Breyer.  In full disclosure, I have known Tinman for over a decade as one of his athletes, a friend, and coaching colleague.  That said, I would not take the time to compose this revie...Read more


StrongFirst Kettlebell User Course with Master SFG Karen Smith: Recap and Review

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of assisting Master SFG Karen Smith at one of her StrongFirst kettlebell one-day user courses in Dallas, hosted by Wade Padgett, SFG at his gym Kettlebell Centric.  One of the highlights of this year has been getting to work with Karen on multiple occasions on both coasts!  You can read prior course recaps from the SFG Level I Recertification and the S...Read more


StrongFirst Bodyweight User Course: Review and Recap

A couple weeks ago I was fortunate to lend a hand at the StrongFirst Bodyweight Course, taught by Master SFG Karen Smith and hosted by SFG Team Leader Yoana Teran.  The setting for this day could not be any better at Fitwall La Jolla! As I have written before, the bodyweight curriculum is a hidden gem within the StrongFirst system, though hopefully it will continue to grow in popularity.&...Read more


Review of Dr. Craig Liebenson's Functional Training Handbook

I recently had the privilege to receive Dr. Craig Liebenson’s new text, Functional Training Handbook.  Dr. Liebenson was generous to offer me a complimentary copy to review.  He has been a mentor of mine for several years, and for him to ask my opinion on his work is a true honor.  To start, this book not about a single individual.  Though Dr. Liebenson's name gra...Read more