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The Hammer, the Nail, and Finding the Right Tool(s) for the Job

“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”

-Abraham Maslow

Take a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis….

Athletic trainer says ice and tape the foot

Physical therapist says move better in your hips

Medical doctor offers cortisone to relieve the pain

Orthopedic surgeon wants to cut the plantar fascia

Nutritionist sees a nutrient deficiency that impedes healing 

Chiropractor sees a crooked spine leading to misaligned feet

Podiatrist designs an orthotic to restore an arch

Shoe engineer says your shoes are wrong

Psychologist says you're too obsessed and overtrained

Massage therapist sees trigger points in the calf

Accupuncturist sees frayed nerves

Strength coach says lift

Yoga instructor says stretch

Runners World says you run too much

Letsrun.com says you don't run enough

Who's right? All? None? Some?

These are obviously stereotyped answers, but each holds grains of truth.  Problems solving requires an expansion of our own toolboxes or partnership with someone to bring the appropriate tools for the job.  Any single approach may work in isolation, but the answer usually demands a combination of interventions.  Understanding how tools and skill sets complement each other results in the most effective outcomes. 


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