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Notes from Physical Therapy Clinic Observation: Part II

It’s been a long time since Part I of this “series”!  Part II will be a summary of many days in the clinic rather than a single one.  Since posting Part I, I’ve been fortunate to actually be accepted into school, which I will begin within a few months. 

USA Triathlon Webinar: Strength Training for the Female Multisport Endurance Athlete

On Wednesday  July 17 I will conduct this webinar in partnership with USA Triathlon.  Please visit HERE for the registration link.  

Topic: Strength Training for the Female Multisport Endurance Athlete

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Research Updates

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In the last several months, multiple FMS studies have emerged.  For previous FMS research reviews on this site see:

Pain and Biomechanics in Running: Determining Causation, Part II

On this blog we’ve written several articles on the slippery slope of running form coaching and analysis.  To recap, there is scant evidence (outside of evangelistic anecdote) that conscious changes to form may improve performance.  Though there is evidence to support form modifications to improve injury, the interplay between pain and biomechanics is still widely unsettled.