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Pitfalls of Habitual Taping and the Battlefield Care Approach to the Treatment of Gymnastics Injuries

While taping is seen in many sports it seems to be an epidemic in gymnastics. It is ingrained from generation to generation, seen as slightly cool and an easy “fix” for coaches. I’m not a big fan. If an athlete needs a tape job to get through an important competition then it is fine but not the solution. Here are some of my issues with taping:

Lessons for the Start of Cross Country Season

Cross country season is nearly upon us.  Unfortunately, for many of the exuberant scholastic runners out there now enjoying the sense of renewal during preseason training camp, the competitive season will end prematurely in September or October due to injury.  Instead of chalking up injuries as inevitable attrition in the sport, we as coaches and athletes must take a proactive approach toward injury prevention.  Here are four lessons I wish I had known during my career as an athlete and during the years when I coached the team at Johns Hopkins.  

Subtraction Before Addition

Everyone wants to be powerful.  As such, many people plow full speed ahead into a strength program.  They'll usually see some pretty quick gains and observe their muscles getting bigger and puffier.  Eventually though, the return on the training investment stagnates and sometimes yields negative returns with injury or burnout.  What gives?