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2012 Continuing Education Seminar Reviews

We take continuing education very seriously here.  As the year closes, it's a good chance to look back at the formal educational opportunities we've had in 2012...let's just say this was quite an epic year learning from true legends in our field!  

Dan John

Exploring Causes of Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps: Part III

Adding to the growing evidence that exercise associated muscle cramps are unrelated to hydration status and electrolyte balance….

See also, Part I and Part II

Swim Sci Article Update

A few recent articles to update from recent weeks at Swimming Science.  Been busy with our upcoming book project, hence the slight delay in posting these!

Review of Bret Contreras' new product, Hip Extension Torque

Hell Week Training and Swimming

Pain and Biomechanics in Running: Determining Causation

FACT: Pain often exists independent of tissue damage

FACT: Pain can exist WITHOUT tissue damage