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2012 Olympic Trials Marathon Video Footage (Tucson edition)

Congrats to all that competed and to the six athletes that earned spots on the Olympic Team at Olympic Trials last weekend!  We had a great weekend supporting friends in the race and meeting coaching colleagues from around the world.  USATF and the Houston Marathon Committee set up a great course for spectating, which allowed us to see the athletes at multiple points along the course.  Couldn't have asked for a better setup.    

Below are some isolated shots I took of local runners from Tucson, Arizona (Ian Burrell, Craig Curley, Alex Blake, and Gina Slaby).  I didn't include any isolated shots of Abdi, since he was thoroughly covered on the NBC broadcast, though you can also spot him in these videos with the first men's pack that comes through each video in the coverage section.  

 Ian Burrell


Craig Curley




Alexandra Blake

Gina Slaby


For additional coverage of the race, please visit the Pike Athletics multimedia page.


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