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2013 Seminar Reviews

One of my favorite posts last year was recapping the continuing education opportunities we had in 2012 (see 2012 Seminar Reviews).  Last year’s all star lineup was challenging to match, but 2013 was a great year in itself as we both headed off to our respective clinical programs.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization - Sport II

Excerpt...."The real essence of DNS Sport is harnessing developmental gateways to move us beyond skill acquisition and into skill mastery.   Yes, you can "coach 'em up" but many great athletes are great “fakers”; important to assess critically and then peel back layers of movement. The same mental strategies of automatic movement that can help get someone out of pain are the same strategies that help people achieve gallant feats of athletic skill."

Primal Move Fundamentals

Excerpt...."A goal of Primal Move is to cultivate a broad movement vocabulary.  Whereas spoken language uses words and sounds to communicate, physical activity is another form of expression.  The same nervous system that controls language also controls physical movement… [T]he ability to expand your competencies along a movement continuum with complementary systems cannot be overstated. Primal Move fills a gap between a competency approach to exercise and a capacity-based approach to exercise."  

StrongFirst Bodyweight Certification

Excerpt...."[T]he coherence of the Strongfirst system.  “Tactics are many, principles are few.”  The principles are the same; we merely swap out the chosen tool…bodyweight, kettlebell, or barbell.  This elegant continuity cannot be overemphasized."  

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization - Basic Course A

Excerpt....“Motor patterns are formed as CNS matures, enabling infant to control posture, achieve erect posture against gravity and to more purposefully by phasic muscle activity…The infant does not need to be taught when and how to lift the head, grasp, turn around, start crawling….all this should occur automatically in the course of CNS maturation!” 

USA Cycling Level II

Excerpt...."[USA Cycling is] trying to learn from their neighbors at USA Triathlon in using the coaching curriculum not only to coach but also as ambassadors for the sport.  Also, despite cycling’s history of a masculine culture, the federation is reach out to the female demographic."