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Fixing What's Broken: Elite Development and USA Gymnastics

I was thinking yesterday morning the USA has looked great during podium training in Tokyo; almost TOO great. Unfortunately my gut instinct was correct. First Anna Li went down with a lower abdominal injury, then Allie Raisman with an ankle then Alicia Sacramone with a potentially torn Achilles.   Fortunately, Allie appears to have escaped serious injury and should make the final lineup.  With these injuries, ASac and Anna join a growing list of US elites on the injury sideline for the most important competition since the 2008 Games. 

Kara's World Championship: Part I

The last two weeks has been an interesting time for Pike Athletics and Kara Vatthauer, who competed in the UCI World Para Cycling Championships in Denmark. This was Kara’s first competition at the international level.   The goal going into the races was to learn the ropes of traveling with the national team and gain international experience for future competitions.  

Utah Valley Marathon and 5k Race Report

Allan and I traveled to Provo, Utah for the Utah Valley Marathon on Saturday. Allan raced the marathon and I did the 5k. Our flight arrived into Salt Lake City Thursday afternoon and we were surprised to still see snow on the high mountains. Thanks to SLC having learned the lessons of the traffic disasters of the1996 Atlanta Olympics before hosting the 2002 Winter Games, SLC has created a highly efficient airport and freeway system. Rental cars were on site, so we wasted no time waiting for a shuttle.

The Role Of The Running Store In Keeping Runners Running

In most running communities the hub of the running community is the specialty running shop. The running shop often serves far beyond the most basic purpose of selling shoes and gear. Many stores have roles as race directors, coaches, educational sources and a referral source to the medical community. Many times runners come through the door when it is already too late, when they are injured. At that point the runner is looking for help and is not buying shoes, entering races or signing up for training groups.