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Drill to Skill: Deadlift Posting with Wall

Katherine gets credit for “inventing” this one as a solution to fill the gap between two legged (bilateral) hip hinging into single leg (unilateral) hip hinging.  This drill actually emerged from taking young kids through their handstand progressions.   No matter how closely you honor the progressions from bilateral hinging into unilateral hinging, the transition is not easy.  

Before progressing into standing hinges, be sure to clear the pattern while lying down (passive and active straight leg raises).  Imperative!

Unilateral hinging commonly results in certain flaws, hence the creation of this drill...

1)  Bending forward with the upper body

2) Rear leg rotation


3) Neck extension

If the flaws are extreme, it probably means you shouldn’t have progressed to the single leg versions yet.  Go back and check your work with your leg raises, single leg balance, and bilateral hinging.  However, the single leg hinge is not easy to coach and can lead to chaos in a large group. 

The deadlift posting drill doesn’t cure flaws magically, but it does regulate forward movement and cheating harder.  The wall functions as part security blanket and part visual guide to ensure quality reps.  You only get to increase distance from the wall when you can demonstrate a clean hinge. 

Note the role of the arms and upper torso.  Just because the drill focuses on the hinge doesn’t mean we ignore upper body.   Remember, this drill emerged to help kids get their handstands.   Definitely need sound upper body mechanics for that! 


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