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Packing the Neck and Swimming: Part II

This week's Elite Characteristics installment at Swimming Science is now up, where we expand on the concept of a packed neck for swimmers.  (Please go HERE for PART I)

Part II is HERE

Triathletes take note too, as the neck is a common source of pain and dysfunction in multisport, likely owing to the hours spent on the bike.  Miltner (2010) found that triathletes fared worse in cervical flexion, extension, and strength than a control group of non-triathletes.  Anecdotally, neck dysfunction is a common source of stroke flaws in triathletes, leading to poor balance and hyrdodynamics in the water. Triathletes who can't pack the neck end up plowing through the water with increased frontal drag hitting the head and a sunken lower body resulting from an overly high upper


Miltner, O. Siebert, CH. Muller-Rath, R. Kieffer, O.  Muscle strength of the cervical and lumbar spine in triathletes.  Z Orthop Unfall.  2010 Dec: 148(6):657-61.  Epub 2010 Mar 8. 


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