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Pelvic Precision

In recent months, Dr. John has written several articles detailing low pack health and performance.  Read them if you haven’t done so

Lumbar Solutions Part I
Lumbar Solutions Part II
Low Back Instability in Swimmers

We’ll start with an analogy:
Rib cage -> Shoulders and thoracic spine
Pelvis -> Hips and lumbar spine.

The rib cage and pelvis are critical parts but often overlooked compared to their neighboring joint systems. (Forgotten Rib Cage) As with the rib cage, quantifying the pelvis is difficult without specialized equipment.  

When the pelvis does get attention, there’s still no consensus on its optimal function.  Should we treat it as its own joint system or as an extension of the low back or the hips?  Alternatively, are the hips and lumbar spine extensions of the pelvis?  We might also consider the rib cage and pelvis as transitional joint systems.  
For the complete post, please go HERE to Swimming Science.


Aritcles on Low back health

Thank you for the links to these great articles on low back pain!

Important issue so far! I got

Important issue so far! I got some good information from this article at all. And here all these tips are very helpful to me. thanks for this allocation. :lol:

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