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Perturbation Training and the Shoulder: A Look into the COR Shoulder System

This week at Swimming Science we offer a mini preview into Dr. Mullen's COR Shoulder System for swimmers as we look deeper into the concept of perturbation exercises for optimal shoulder health.  When done properly and programmed correctly, perturbation training can be the missing link for effective shoulder injury prevention and rehabilitation.  Please go HERE for the complete post.

The COR Shoulder System is now available for purchase.  Last week, Dr. Mullen released the preface to the e-book on the Swimming Science blog.  Please to HERE to learn more about the COR Shoulder System and pass the information onto other aquatic athletes.  Dr. Mullen is offering an unbeatable price for this initial release, which not only includes an e-book, but also a DVD with a vast library of exercises within the system.  



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