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Product Review: Swiftwick Socks

Swiftwick socks helped me run faster than Bernard Lagat….

Yeah, its true!  I recently had the honor to compete in the 2013 Speedgolf World Championships at Bandon Dunes against the likes of Track and Field Olympic medalists Bernard Lagat and Nick Willis.  And in the second round my run time was faster than Bernard’s time.

For those unfamiliar with Speedgolf, your Speedgolf score is a sum of your run time and golf score.  Though they are independent numbers, a beginning golfer who is a fast runner such as Bernard can easily add to their run time if they have to spend more time hitting golf shots.  So while its true that I did cover the golf course in less time than Bernard, I'm still a long way from his league as a pure runner!

As one of the professionals in the field, I was given a stipend to compete in complimentary Swiftwick socks and wear the Swiftwick logo on my shirt for the event, as Swiftwick was a leading sponsor for the championship. 

Before the championship, I had never worn Swiftwick gear.  Though some might consider it a risk to go with new gear in our sport’s grandest event, upon inspecting the material on site I was confident the socks would perform under the damp conditions in early morning of the Southern Oregon coast.  The wrong socks could easily derail your round in these conditions both due to discomfort and losing focus during a shot.

After the final round, I didn’t even notice the socks during play, which is exactly what you want.  Also of note is that I wore them under a tight fitting cross country spike with no perception of added bulk.  This quality is especially important for those who struggle to find a sock with enough material to perform its wicking duties but without the excess fluffiness that can alter the feel of the ride.  Another thing clearly noticeable in this sock is the stability added via compression.  This isn't some floppy fabric...this sock shapes to your foot and gives contributes to a great ride.

Overall, I was very pleased with this product and look forward to racing with Swiftwick gear in the future!  A big thanks to Swiftwick and for their support of Speedgolf International.