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Radiologic Imaging and the Asymptomatic Athletic Shoulder

This week at Swimming Science, we explore the correlation (or lack thereof) between MRI findings and shoulder symptoms.  The post is a companion piece to our work last week on the lower body and MRI findings

Many Americans have come to expect MRI’s as the gold standard of care.I recently spent a day shadowing a physical therapist well versed on the shoulder through his previous job as an athletic trainer in pro baseball.One new patient was a high school softball catcher with recent shoulder pain.Her mother was pushing her physician to order an MRI for a “definitive answer,” but he referred to the PT first.  
After his exam, the PT calmly told the mother that an MRI would be a waste of money.Uh-oh, watch out…how dare he suggest anything less than the best for her kid!  Based on the vile stare she gave him, you’d have thought he called her kid ugly and fat!While the MRI is indeed the gold standard in certain aspects of practice, the correlation between repetitive use symptoms and abnormal imaging for the athletic shoulder is poor.  For the remainder of the post, please go HERE to Swimming Science.


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