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Reasons NOT to Coach Running Form: Part IV

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Part III

We've covered this topic before, so it's worth noting a recent New York Times article interviewing some of the current researchers in this area, and interestingly, conveying many of the same messages in the first three parts of this ongoing series...(Myths of Running: Forefoot, Barefoot, and Otherwise)

One excerpt... 

"Because he works with USA Track & Field, Dr. (Iain) Hunter was able to get onto the field during the 10,000-meter (United States) Olympic trials. He photographed the runners’ feet with a camera that records 240 images a second. These were the fastest long-distance runners in the nation; if there is a secret to their success, he hoped the camera might show it.  

The results, for both the male and female athletes, were all over the place. Some landed heel first. Some landed on the midfoot. A few landed on the forefoot. Some twisted their feet inward as they struck the ground, while others kept their feet straight.

'None of these things were connected with performance, nor with running economy,' Dr. Hunter said. That is good news in a way, because studies have repeatedly shown that when people try to change their natural running style, they tend to use more energy to cover the same distance."


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