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Some Props from Letsrun.com and the Puma Faas Challenge

We're excited to announce that Katherine was selected as one of the 55 winners of the Letsrun.com Puma Faas Challenge and was one of the first five winners featured today.  According to Letsrun.com the purpose of the challenge was for Puma to prove that its new Faas line was worthy for "real runners."

This was not some ordinary giveaway in which shoes were handed out to a few random people with winning raffle tickets.  Winners were personally selected by site owners Weldon and Robert Johnson, and included: "a 1:46 800m runner and a 27:30 10k runner without sponsorship, Olympic Trials Marathon qualifiers, a 12 year old, a 60 year old,  a former "sedentary, cigarette smoking, pill popping, booze drinking slob" who now runs 90 miles a week, a boxer who has run 130 miles a week, guys in the military who got their runs in amongst incoming rounds, [and] a Marine Corps Marathon Champion..."  Quite an eclectic mix of runners!

As a bonus, the Johnson brothers have offered a free pair to Kara Vatthauer (our Paralympic cycling hopeful) as she recovers from her crash at Worlds.  

Below is a preview of the announcement (the full page is HERE).  Be sure to check back daily with Letsrun.com as the remaining winners are announced each day.


3) Tucson Coach Who is Inspiring Others: 

Why Katherine Wanted to Be Chosen for the Faas Challenge: I am the running coach in my community that fixes broken runners and brings them back stronger than ever.  My shoe used to be the Brooks Ghost but fortunately I switched to the Nike Pegasus this year.  When I did an interesting thing happened.  Athletes noticed.  Read more HERE.   


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