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Soy and Sports

One of the most controversial issues in nutrition is soy. We have fielded some questions about soy and thought it would be useful to discuss the evidence publicly. This issue is important for athletes as many rely on soy products for protein supplementation or via sports nutrition in bars and shakes. It’s especially important for vegetarian athletes who rely on soy for protein to meet minimum protein values. Soy has long been a dietary staple in eastern cultures where animal protein consumption is much less than America and other western cultures. Many others turn to soy out of practicality if they find it more easily digestible than other proteins. Further, there is evidence to suggest soy may protect against certain cancers cancer, reduce cholesterol, and provide vitamin D.

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Re: Soy and Sports

I also wonder if most soy, usually Monsanto, is GMO? And, the affect of thes GMO soy products in my health and our environment?? Perhaps too broad of a topic.

@Carolyn.  Very legitimate

@Carolyn.  Very legitimate concerns.  Indeed this is a very broad topic, involving not just sports science/nutrition but also politics, economics, and ecology.  As to the GMO issue, it can be a significant concern with sports nutrition due to the poor regulation of the supplement industry.  It is usually possible to identify GMO vs. non-GMO products with regular foods, but supplements (bars, shakes, proteins) are less regulated.  

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