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Notes from Dr. Charlie Weingroff's "Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training" Seminar

Last week we put aside our flooded house and made a trip to attend Dr. Charlie Weingroff’sTraining=Rehab, Rehab=Training” seminar in Phoenix.  One of our first thoughts when seeing water pouring from our ceiling last Thursday morning was, “Ain’t no way we’re missing this seminar!!” (Education >> Shelter) 

More on MRI's and Low Back Pain

In recent months we have explored the unreliability of MRI’s for differentiating pain from structural damage caused by repetitive use (or disuse) in the low back, legs, and shoulders

Use it or Lose It?

Many swimmers find themselves out of the water during the summer. Some avoid practice due to pure laziness without their scholastic coach to hold them accountable.  Others get rewarded with time off after a long build for Olympic Trials, summer nationals, or some other goal meet. Optimal time off (if any) is up for debate and will vary by individual. Because everyone takes time off in their careers whether voluntarily or involuntarily, it is useful to understand the effects of time away and the mechanisms behind performance decrements.