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Ankles and Swimming: Part III

Part III of our four part series on the ankles in swimming is now posted at Swimming Science.  In this post we cover the role of the ankles in starts and turns and offer strategies to improve ankle performance in these areas.  Enjoy!

Part I

Kara's World Championship: Part I

The last two weeks has been an interesting time for Pike Athletics and Kara Vatthauer, who competed in the UCI World Para Cycling Championships in Denmark. This was Kara’s first competition at the international level.   The goal going into the races was to learn the ropes of traveling with the national team and gain international experience for future competitions.  

The Hammer, the Nail, and Finding the Right Tool(s) for the Job

“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”

-Abraham Maslow

Take a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis….

Athletic trainer says ice and tape the foot

Physical therapist says move better in your hips

Medical doctor offers cortisone to relieve the pain

Orthopedic surgeon wants to cut the plantar fascia

Nutritionist sees a nutrient deficiency that impedes healing 

Chiropractor sees a crooked spine leading to misaligned feet

Breathing: An Audit for Movement Quality and Conditioning

A growing topic the fields of performance and rehabilitation is the importance of breathing mechanics.  Exactly how to breathe correctly is a vast topic unto itself and one that is impossible to address adequately in a blog post.  In fact, the mechanics of breathing and identifying good exercises are sometimes less important than learning how to glean information from breathing assessments and determining which exercises are most appropriate for each athlete.  

Ankle Mobility in Swimming: Part II

Part II of our series on ankle mobility in swimming is now live.  Please go HERE for the full post at Swimming Science.  In this post, we offer corrective strategies targeting all four strokes.  Next week we'll address the role of the ankles in starts, turns, and in dryland conditioning.  Enjoy!

Ankle Mobility and Swimming: Part I

Visit the Swimming Science blog for my recent post on ankle mobility and swimming.  This post is the first in what will be a multipart series on the ankle.  The ankle is one of the least understood joints in the body in swimming, but is vitally important.    

Looking Beyond the Mouth: Orthodontics and Their Effect on Athletic Development

One of the defining images from this summer’s swimming World Championships was that of teen sensation Missy Franklin showing off her orthodontic gadgetry on the medal podium. 

Interview with Coach Marc Evans

We are privileged to have Coach Marc Evans for this interview to discuss a variety of multisport topics.  Coach Evans is one of the true legends in the sport with a resume of accomplishments too long to list here.   Please check out his website at www.evanscoaching.com for more information.