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What kids need...or what parents want?

Earlier this week I crossed paths with a friend as he was doing some work. He had a bunch of work papers scattered around, but amongst them I noticed what looked to be a stack of football plays. Here's a glimpse of the conversation...

Me: Do you coach football?

Him: Yes

Me: Nice. At one of the high schools?

Him: No. My son's youth team. I'm the defensive line coach.

Me: How old is your son?

Him: Seven. The team is aged seven to nine.

Research Review: The Functional Movement Screen and Female Athletes

Previous research on the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) has looked at NFL players, high school football players, firefighters, U.S.Air Force Pararescue Indoc recruits, and U.S. Marine Corps Officer Candidates.  Until recently no one had formally studied the FMS specifically in a female population.  In a 2010 study published in the North American Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, a team of researchers examined a sample of 38 intercollegiate female athletes in soccer, basketball, and volleyball. 

Selected findings

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD): Paralympic Athlete with an Acquired Condition

Last weekend was a great weekend for one of our athletes, Paralympic cyclist Kara Vatthauer. At the USA Cycling National Championship in Augusta, Georgia (home of the Masters, of course), Kara earned a berth to the Paralympic cycling world championships with a victory in the Road Race and a second place in the Time Trial in the Visually Impaired category.

Troubleshooting the Thoracic Spine in Swimming

For the second installment of our Troubleshooting series with Swimming Science and Dr. G. John Mullen, DPT, we cover dryland and stroke issues related to the thoracic spine.  Enjoy!