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Immune System and Swimmers

Certain periods seem to bring a higher than normal incidence of illness: holidays and training camps are common sick periods, but early fall is another sick time.  Stress levels escalate as school resumes, schedules get more frantic, and kids gather into a petri dish of germs, all of which challenge the immune system for swimmers.  School incubated illness can afflict adults as well, especially in our highly mobile society. 

Mastering the Basics: HOW versus WHAT

The HOW is more important than WHAT.  

Execute the basics perfectly.  

People always crave novelty, yet they often need to simply get better at what they're already doing or simply cut away excess from their current program.  The program might look like a new one with the excess cut away, but subtracting is often more important than adding.  

Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Review: Part II

“We’ve been smart enough to be naïve enough to not know what we can’t accomplish.”

-Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour

Part I if you missed it.

Learning from Babies: Quadruped Stability

The videos tell the story with this one: the same stabilization patterns the baby employs before it embarks on its crawling adventure are the same stabilization patterns you can use with adults to groove rotary stability.

Even the video description provided by the parent is prescient ("She's up on her hands and knees, she's got the strength, and she's figured out forward motion. Now she just needs to trust her hands.")