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Shoulder Mobility, Back Pain, and Elite Divers

The joint-by-joint approach to training remains one of the most influential explanatory models in modern strength and conditioning.  Coined originally by Gray Cook and Mike Boyle, this approach is simple way to understand the interrelationships of different joint systems.  No body part exists in isolation, and the interaction of structure and function among the joints ultimately determines how movement is expressed.  (complete Joint by Joint article HERE)

Review: Fatigue and Stability in Elite Gymnasts

Here’s a chicken or the egg problem for today…does a weak trunk cause fatigue or does fatigue impair the trunk?  You can make compelling arguments in both directions.  Perhaps weak trunk musculature causes inefficient movements elsewhere in the body, leading to premature fatigue.  Alternatively, any activity when performed to fatigue (even if not isolated to the core) may impair the trunk.  Perhaps too, the trunk is merely the proxy by which many choose to measure stability in the nervous system.

TOPS Testing: Is it Enough? Part II

Sometimes it’s nice to be validated when you take an unpopular stance…

A couple of years ago, Katherine wrote about TOPs testing in gymnastics (TOPS Testing, Is it Enough?), specifically addressing how sport specific testing paints an incomplete picture of physical readiness.  This was not a popular position in the sport, and managed to irritate more than a few folks, almost like insulting their first newborn child…

Interview with Brandi Smith-Young, PT

Brandi Smith-Young, PT is a physical therapist and owner of Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy in Austin, Texas.  You can learn more about her and her practice at www.perfect10physicaltherapy.com.    

1) Thanks for taking time for this interview, Brandi!  Before we get into your current practice, can you tell us about your own background as a gymnast?

Research Review: "Survey of Injuries in Seattle Area Levels 4 to 10 Female Club Gymnasts."

The last several weeks have been quite a whirlwind in the USA Gymnastics community with the National Team losing several members before Worlds yet ultimately pulling through with a Gold medal.  While the injuries to the likes of Sacramone, Memmel, Bross, Caquatto, and Li have focused attention on health and safety of our elites, the grass roots level (which all elites must pass through) has its own share of injury issues.  Fortunately, the lower levels have not eluded the eye of the research community.