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The Art of the Fartlek for Distance Runners

Fartlek: 1952, Swedish, from fart "speed" (O.N. fara "to go, move;" see fare (v.)) + lek "play" (O.N. leika "play;" see lark (v.))


The Role Of The Running Store In Keeping Runners Running

In most running communities the hub of the running community is the specialty running shop. The running shop often serves far beyond the most basic purpose of selling shoes and gear. Many stores have roles as race directors, coaches, educational sources and a referral source to the medical community. Many times runners come through the door when it is already too late, when they are injured. At that point the runner is looking for help and is not buying shoes, entering races or signing up for training groups.

Movement Reeducation for a 2:29 Marathoner: Case Study, Part 2

In part one of this case study we provided our initial screening and assessment before addressing this runner's nonpainful dysfunctional movement patterns. In this second of three parts, we'll cover the initial corrective exercises that we used to provide the foundation for running specific corrections.

Functional Offseason Strength and Conditioning for Triathlon

Here is a presentation we delivered recently that builds upon some points Katherine made in a previous blog post.