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Reasons to NOT Coach Running Form

In recent years the barefoot craze took hold of the running world.  Fortunately, excitement has receded as barefoot devotees get hurt, realize they haven’t gotten any faster, and find that their beloved Tarahumaras still haven’t won a darned thing and got their butts kicked on their home country at the Mexico City Olympics.  Hopefully barefoot training will return to its rightful place as an adjunct to shod running rather than a full replacement… 

MRI's Show Poor Correlation Between Pain and Damage in Lower Extremities


“My knee has been hurting whenever I run for the past few weeks.  I think there could be a tear, so I want an MRI for a definitive answer.”

Periodization and Swimming

At Swimming Science this week we discuss the concept of periodization.  This concept can apply to all disciplines, so have a read even if you aren't a swimmer!

"I was training great until..."

"I got a stress fracture"

"I tore my [fill in body part]"

"I got the flu"

"I got bronchitis"

Drill to Skill: Wall Switch


*Wall switch is a relatively advanced drill that requires similar patterns used in running.  Using the wall helps bridge a gap from ground based exercises to free-standing running.   Give people a chance to succeed before struggling without the support of the wall.  Learn how to move…then learn how to run.