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One Day Off Per Week?


"If something is worth doing, do it every day." - Dan John

"Do you eat every day?  The body can go longer without food or water than without oxygen, so you better get your aerobic exercise." -Dr. Joe Vigil

Drill to Skill: Quadruped Hip Extension on Elbows


Quadruped hip extension (aka, Donkey kicks) is a fairly simple yet versatile drill that can aid the transition from ground based movements into upright gait.  Below we’ll address concepts behind this exercise and how it can be used most effectively to bridge the gap between rudimentary movement and the advanced skill of running.

Exercises that Runners Should Reconsider (Part III)

Back for a third installment of Exercises That Runners Should Reconsider.  Please read Part I and Part II if you missed them.

2012 Olympic Trials Marathon Video Footage (Tucson edition)

Congrats to all that competed and to the six athletes that earned spots on the Olympic Team at Olympic Trials last weekend!  We had a great weekend supporting friends in the race and meeting coaching colleagues from around the world.  USATF and the Houston Marathon Committee set up a great course for spectating, which allowed us to see the athletes at multiple points along the course.  Couldn't have asked for a better setup.