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Interview with Jesse Armijo

Jesse Armijo recently qualified for the 2012 Olympic Trials with a time of 2:17 at the California International Marathon.  As someone who works and goes to school in addition to racing at a high level, he's one of stories that make Trials such a compelling race.  You can follow Jesse's training at A Pondering Runner (http://jessearmijo.blogspot.com/). 


Quadruped Running Drills Part II: Corrections

Last week in Part I, we covered common flaws in the execution of quadruped drills.  This week we’ll begin getting into strategies to correct these flaws.  Our focus will be on the two head position flaws (neck extended and head dropped) and one related to upper body posture (rounded upper back).    

Quadruped Running Drills Part I: Troubleshooting

Quadruped drills such as “donkey kicks” and “fire hydrants” are quite popular these days in the running community.  Running coaches love these drills because they are relatively easy to administer and can target the lower body without adding excess fatigue to the legs.  Plus, when big name coaches start sharing them at conferences and on popular running websites, everyone else tends to follow along with the herd.  

The Nine "I's" of Running Injuries

Injuries remain a nefarious part of the running culture, despite years of scientific advancement. Gather a group of runners, and it is a virtual guarantee that everyone has been hurt. This information is less heartening when we consider that the number one predictor of future injury is past injury. When you are injured you can’t train. When you can’t train, you can’t improve.

Ten Strength Training Rules for Distance Runners

Below is a brief entry we did for the most recent Southern Arizona Roadrunners Newsletter.  Since the newsletter is not available online, I'll post the article here as well.  Since a lot of endurance athletes have no idea what to do when it comes to strength development, hopefully these rules can get these athletes in the right direction. 


Some Props from Letsrun.com and the Puma Faas Challenge

We're excited to announce that Katherine was selected as one of the 55 winners of the Letsrun.com Puma Faas Challenge and was one of the first five winners featured today.  According to Letsrun.com the purpose of the challenge was for Puma to prove that its new Faas line was worthy for "real runners."

Notes from Coach Joe Vigil presentation

Several weeks ago, one of our coaching heroes, Dr. Joe Vigil, was gracious enough to visit our place and speak to a group of our athletes and friends.  Here are some of his thoughts:

-Have faith in yourself, your coach, and your own philosophy of life.