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Exercises that Runners Should Reconsider

Runners, like many athletes, tend to be creatures of habit.  When something embeds itself into the culture, it is usually there for the long haul.  Such is the case with many supplementary exercises, some of which have more grounding in tradition than efficacy.  Below are three exercises that runners commonly do, but are best left out of most generalized training programs: crunches, lunges, and heel drops.


Westside Barbell...and Distance Running?

Westside Barbell and distance running…two things most people would never think of associating with each other!  Nevertheless, when we move beyond the superficial differences, the running world can find many valuable lessons and similarities to the Westside approach.  If nothing else, we should realize that sound training fundamentals are not specific to any single discipline, but instead are principles of the body. 

Breathing: An Audit for Movement Quality and Conditioning

A growing topic the fields of performance and rehabilitation is the importance of breathing mechanics.  Exactly how to breathe correctly is a vast topic unto itself and one that is impossible to address adequately in a blog post.  In fact, the mechanics of breathing and identifying good exercises are sometimes less important than learning how to glean information from breathing assessments and determining which exercises are most appropriate for each athlete.  

Looking Beyond the Mouth: Orthodontics and Their Effect on Athletic Development

One of the defining images from this summer’s swimming World Championships was that of teen sensation Missy Franklin showing off her orthodontic gadgetry on the medal podium. 

Interview with Coach Marc Evans

We are privileged to have Coach Marc Evans for this interview to discuss a variety of multisport topics.  Coach Evans is one of the true legends in the sport with a resume of accomplishments too long to list here.   Please check out his website at www.evanscoaching.com for more information.   


Utah Valley Marathon and 5k Race Report

Allan and I traveled to Provo, Utah for the Utah Valley Marathon on Saturday. Allan raced the marathon and I did the 5k. Our flight arrived into Salt Lake City Thursday afternoon and we were surprised to still see snow on the high mountains. Thanks to SLC having learned the lessons of the traffic disasters of the1996 Atlanta Olympics before hosting the 2002 Winter Games, SLC has created a highly efficient airport and freeway system. Rental cars were on site, so we wasted no time waiting for a shuttle.