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Sleep and Swimmers

What if I told you of a legal sports performance aid, involving zero out-of-pocket cost, and virtually no side effects. This aid can be used in high mileage or low mileage, IM or free, distance or sprint, age group or master. Too good to be true? The answer (as you judged from the title) is SLEEP!

Jet Lag and Swim Meets

This week at Swimming Science we explore the science of jet lag and performance, particularly in the context of swimming. 

Radiologic Imaging and the Asymptomatic Athletic Shoulder

This week at Swimming Science, we explore the correlation (or lack thereof) between MRI findings and shoulder symptoms.  The post is a companion piece to our work last week on the lower body and MRI findings

Periodization and Swimming

At Swimming Science this week we discuss the concept of periodization.  This concept can apply to all disciplines, so have a read even if you aren't a swimmer!

Does Altitude Training Work?

This week at Swimming Science we asked the question "Does Altitude Training Work?" 

"I was training great until..."

"I got a stress fracture"

"I tore my [fill in body part]"

"I got the flu"

"I got bronchitis"

Overuse: The Cause of Injuries in Young Swimmers?

This week at Swimming Science...baseball and swimming.  A look at similarities in overuse patterns between sports, particularly as relates to the shoulder and young swimmers.  

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