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One Day Off Per Week?


"If something is worth doing, do it every day." - Dan John

"Do you eat every day?  The body can go longer without food or water than without oxygen, so you better get your aerobic exercise." -Dr. Joe Vigil

Learning to Unlearn

Our topic for at Swimming Science this week is UN-learning.  We often talk about learning new habits, but to make room for these new habits we must clear out old ones.  Please go HERE for the full post at Swimming Science. 

Information Dumps and Destination Camps


Below is a homework sheet that one athlete that we know received after attending a weekend swim camp…My own analysis follows below, after the italicized portion...


Swim Stroke: Breaststroke


Applying Overload and Underload Training in Swimming

Underload and Overload training is our topic at Swimming Science this week.  Please visit HERE for the complete post.

For a brief golf video related to this topic, here's one from the Titleist Performance Institute where they have applied similar research on the golf swing.

Tapering Concepts

This week at Swimming Science we look into the factors affecting the taper.

The best coaches treat the taper as a mix of art and science.  Although this is a swimming article, the research and underlying concepts will apply to other sports. 

Please go HERE for the complete post.