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Optimizing Breathing Patterns (Swimming)

This week at Swimming Science we explore the concept of breathing patterns.  Specifically, we explore the cost:benefit analysis of when to breathe in the pool during freestyle swimming.  Please go HERE for the complete post

Dr. Mullen has some other excellent articles up this week.  Make sure you check those out too!

Duration Specific Training for Swimming Part III: Distance

This week we conclude our three part series on duration specific training at Swimming Science.  Our focus in this installment is on distance events and open water.  Please go HERE for the complete post.

Duration Specific Resistance Training for Swimmers: Part II, Middle Distance

If you missed Part I (Sprints), please go HERE.

This week we address Middle Distance and how resistance training can complement the energetics of racing and training in these events.  Please go HERE for the complete post at Swimming Science.

Packing the Neck and Swimming: Part II

This week's Elite Characteristics installment at Swimming Science is now up, where we expand on the concept of a packed neck for swimmers.  (Please go HERE for PART I)

Part II is HERE

Shoulder Internal Rotation and Swimming: Part II

Last week in Part I we introduced concepts related to shoulder internal rotation in swimming.  This week we follow up with assessments and corrections.  Please go HERE for part II.