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Is Summer Over Yet? A Look at the Benefits of Hot Weather Training

Late summer is a time for many to curse the endless heat.  Paces get slower, easy workouts become a chore, and sometimes it seems impossible to stay ahead of hydration needs.  Let’s get some cool fall weather so we don’t sweat through our clothes five minutes into the workout! 

Yoga and Swimming

Yoga is a common pastime for many athletes. Although an ancient practice, yoga has expanded exponentially in American sports and fitness. Many claim yoga is effective in improving range of motion, breathing, stress, and even pain relief. Sounds like a total “Win” for swimmers! 

Circuit Training and Endurance Athletes

Many athletes enjoy circuit training.  By circuit training, I’m referring to the practice of performing a relatively moderate to high number of repetitions of multiple different exercises in quick succession with minimal rest in between each exercise station.  This isn’t the only way to define circuit training, but it’s a common way and the definition we’ll use here.

Notes from Dr. Charlie Weingroff's "Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training" Seminar

Last week we put aside our flooded house and made a trip to attend Dr. Charlie Weingroff’sTraining=Rehab, Rehab=Training” seminar in Phoenix.  One of our first thoughts when seeing water pouring from our ceiling last Thursday morning was, “Ain’t no way we’re missing this seminar!!” (Education >> Shelter)