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More on MRI's and Low Back Pain

In recent months we have explored the unreliability of MRI’s for differentiating pain from structural damage caused by repetitive use (or disuse) in the low back, legs, and shoulders

Use it or Lose It?

Many swimmers find themselves out of the water during the summer. Some avoid practice due to pure laziness without their scholastic coach to hold them accountable.  Others get rewarded with time off after a long build for Olympic Trials, summer nationals, or some other goal meet. Optimal time off (if any) is up for debate and will vary by individual. Because everyone takes time off in their careers whether voluntarily or involuntarily, it is useful to understand the effects of time away and the mechanisms behind performance decrements.

Opportunity Cost and Training Interventions


Normally we talk exercise and sports science here, but today we’ll bring some economics into the discussion.  Specifically, we’ll address opportunity cost.

Quite simply, opportunity cost is cost of passing up your next best alternative.  For instance, if you earn $10 from investing in company X but could have earned $15 by investing in company Y, your opportunity cost of investing in X but not Y is $5. 

Age Is Just a Number: Age Data From USA Swimming Olympic Trials


Last week I compiled some age data for the Olympic Trials.  Below are charts listing descriptive statistics of the Olympic Trials fields.  Since these were compiled these before the meet’s conclusion, data was from the psych sheet rather than Finals results. Some athletes obviously scratched, which may have affected the Top 16 averages, but the overall trends should remain similar.  

Exploring Causes of Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps: Part II

As intense summer heat engulfs the nation, many athletes complain of muscle cramps.  This post is a sequel to previous posts reviewing the literature in this area. 

Exploring Causes of Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps

Concepts for Hot Weather Training