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Reasons NOT to Coach Running Form: Part II

Here is Part I...

After the recent 10000m events at Track and Field Olympic Trials, BYU’s biomechanics lab compiled an excellent photo montage of each runner’s footstrike.  See Men's 10k and Women's 10k for the complete photo montages.

Pelvic Precision

In recent months, Dr. John has written several articles detailing low pack health and performance.  Read them if you haven’t done so

Healing the Healers: Musculoskeletal Risk Factors in Medical Professionals

Many competitive amateur athletes come from the health care professions.  Likewise many successful collegiate and professional athletes transition into health care careers.  Health care and high level athletics tend to attract goal-oriented Type-A personalities.  Despite the decidedly white collar classification of most health care jobs, you can imagine the irony that health care workers demonstrate an inordinate amount of musculoskeletal injury, as confirmed repeatedly in the literature.

Notes from Dr. Lorimer Moseley Lecture: "Pain: Is it All Just in Your Mind?"

I recently watched a video lecture by noted pain researcher and therapist Dr. Lorimer Moseley presenting on “Pain: Is it all just in your mind?”  The neurological basis for pain is a critical yet often overlooked element of the rehab process.  Athletes and non-athletes alike usually take a “tissue centric” approach to pain, which is appropriate in some circumstances but horribly inappropriate in others.  

Reaction Time

Olympic Trials and the Olympics bring some of the most tension filled moments in sports: that endlessly quiet wait on the blocks anticipating the signal. The start of every race depends on how fast the swimmer reacts. 

Playtime for Dryland

“Play is motor poetry.”

-G.S. Hall

A Lesson in Critical Thinking: Yoga and "Significant" Strength Gains

This post is about the importance of critical thinking regarding any and all claims, whether from published research or via anecdotal evidence…