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MRI's Show Poor Correlation Between Pain and Damage in Lower Extremities


“My knee has been hurting whenever I run for the past few weeks.  I think there could be a tear, so I want an MRI for a definitive answer.”

Periodization and Swimming

At Swimming Science this week we discuss the concept of periodization.  This concept can apply to all disciplines, so have a read even if you aren't a swimmer!

Does Altitude Training Work?

This week at Swimming Science we asked the question "Does Altitude Training Work?" 

"I was training great until..."

"I got a stress fracture"

"I tore my [fill in body part]"

"I got the flu"

"I got bronchitis"

Are you ready to be a professional?

With spring having arrived and the school year winding down, many young athletes around the country face a major crossroads in life: to turn pro or not to turn pro.  In team sports the decision is fairly simple: if a team signs you to a contract, then you’re a pro.   If not, then you keep practicing or find a different career path.