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Management Lessons from D. Wayne Lukas

EDIT: May 19, 2013....Lukas shocks the racing world at age 77 with 15-1 longshot Oxbow dashing the Triple Crow hopes of heavily favored Orb.  Reposting this to look back at the principles behind "Team Lukas"

Drill to Skill: Wall Switch


*Wall switch is a relatively advanced drill that requires similar patterns used in running.  Using the wall helps bridge a gap from ground based exercises to free-standing running.   Give people a chance to succeed before struggling without the support of the wall.  Learn how to move…then learn how to run.    


Overuse: The Cause of Injuries in Young Swimmers?

This week at Swimming Science...baseball and swimming.  A look at similarities in overuse patterns between sports, particularly as relates to the shoulder and young swimmers.  

Please go HERE for the full post.  

Notes from Physical Therapy Clinic Observation: Day 1

Recently I had the first of my official observation days for PT school applications.  For those that don’t know, PT schools require a certain number of observation hours in various clinical settings.  This requirement serves many purposes, such as screening an applicant’s commitment to the field and exposing applicants to different practice settings.  In this session, I spent a day at a local private outpatient clinic observing a variety of patients.  Below are some notes from the day…

One Day Off Per Week?


"If something is worth doing, do it every day." - Dan John

"Do you eat every day?  The body can go longer without food or water than without oxygen, so you better get your aerobic exercise." -Dr. Joe Vigil

Learning to Unlearn

Our topic for at Swimming Science this week is UN-learning.  We often talk about learning new habits, but to make room for these new habits we must clear out old ones.  Please go HERE for the full post at Swimming Science. 

Information Dumps and Destination Camps


Below is a homework sheet that one athlete that we know received after attending a weekend swim camp…My own analysis follows below, after the italicized portion...


Swim Stroke: Breaststroke


Drill to Skill: Quadruped Hip Extension on Elbows


Quadruped hip extension (aka, Donkey kicks) is a fairly simple yet versatile drill that can aid the transition from ground based movements into upright gait.  Below we’ll address concepts behind this exercise and how it can be used most effectively to bridge the gap between rudimentary movement and the advanced skill of running.

The Confidence of Restraint

Great quote from the great Alberto Salazar, one of history's most accomplished distance runners and now a top level coach...