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Applying Overload and Underload Training in Swimming

Underload and Overload training is our topic at Swimming Science this week.  Please visit HERE for the complete post.

For a brief golf video related to this topic, here's one from the Titleist Performance Institute where they have applied similar research on the golf swing.

Movement Screening: What is it Really?

Movement screening has become a hot topic in the training world.  At best, movement screening can triage a situation upon contact with an athlete/client/patient.  At worst, it’s a boutique service from mediocre trainers and coaches to sell “cool” looking new exercises along with spa treatments and smoothies.  Sometimes people put too much faith in screens; other times not enough.  Although we often dig into screening intricacies, let’s explore the basics of what a screen really is. 

Tapering Concepts

This week at Swimming Science we look into the factors affecting the taper.

The best coaches treat the taper as a mix of art and science.  Although this is a swimming article, the research and underlying concepts will apply to other sports. 

Please go HERE for the complete post. 

Exercises that Runners Should Reconsider (Part III)

Back for a third installment of Exercises That Runners Should Reconsider.  Please read Part I and Part II if you missed them.

Coaching Breathing: Putting Theory into Practice

How can I teach breathing?  When I try to teach my athletes breathing mechanics, they think it is a waste of time and we should be doing “real” training instead…