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An Athlete's Guide to Ghetto Massage Tools

Consult an urban dictionary and you’ll note the unofficial definition of "Ghetto Massage" refers to “tough-guy” methods to extract money from an unwilling victim (i.e., He was reluctant to give me his rolex at first, but a little ghetto massage soon convinced him).  Think the bully who takes your lunch money.  Probably not the most politically correct term for a blog, but we’ll just roll with it since it gets the point across…

Functional Movement Screen Research: 2011 Summary and Review

To the best of my knowledge, there were six major studies published in 2011 on the Functional Movement Screen.   Although there are many qualitative justifications to justify having the FMS in the toolbox, it is important to respect the evidence in the field, whether it comes via formal research or is the product of anecdotal coaching observation.  It may surprise the mass athletic consumer, but what is popular at the moment is not necessarily what is effective.  

Optimizing Breathing Patterns (Swimming)

This week at Swimming Science we explore the concept of breathing patterns.  Specifically, we explore the cost:benefit analysis of when to breathe in the pool during freestyle swimming.  Please go HERE for the complete post

Dr. Mullen has some other excellent articles up this week.  Make sure you check those out too!