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Ten Strength Training Rules for Distance Runners

Below is a brief entry we did for the most recent Southern Arizona Roadrunners Newsletter.  Since the newsletter is not available online, I'll post the article here as well.  Since a lot of endurance athletes have no idea what to do when it comes to strength development, hopefully these rules can get these athletes in the right direction. 


Packing the Neck and Swimming: Part II

This week's Elite Characteristics installment at Swimming Science is now up, where we expand on the concept of a packed neck for swimmers.  (Please go HERE for PART I)

Part II is HERE

Some Props from Letsrun.com and the Puma Faas Challenge

We're excited to announce that Katherine was selected as one of the 55 winners of the Letsrun.com Puma Faas Challenge and was one of the first five winners featured today.  According to Letsrun.com the purpose of the challenge was for Puma to prove that its new Faas line was worthy for "real runners."

What's Your Training Age?

How old are you?  I can't think of a more loaded question in sports, other than "how much do you weigh?"  Sports in general take a superficial view of age, whether with young kids or with masters aged adults.  Mostly we think of age in terms of years having lived.  For training purposes, there are three general ways to think of age:

Shoulder Internal Rotation and Swimming: Part II

Last week in Part I we introduced concepts related to shoulder internal rotation in swimming.  This week we follow up with assessments and corrections.  Please go HERE for part II.