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Training Hip Rotation in Breaststroke

This week's post on training hip rotation in breaststroke is now posted as Swimming Science.   Please click HERE to see the full document.

Previously we have looked at the ankles and knees in exploring physical traits that separate the best swimmers from the rest of the swimming population.  Look for us to move up the body in the coming weeks.


Research Review: "Survey of Injuries in Seattle Area Levels 4 to 10 Female Club Gymnasts."

The last several weeks have been quite a whirlwind in the USA Gymnastics community with the National Team losing several members before Worlds yet ultimately pulling through with a Gold medal.  While the injuries to the likes of Sacramone, Memmel, Bross, Caquatto, and Li have focused attention on health and safety of our elites, the grass roots level (which all elites must pass through) has its own share of injury issues.  Fortunately, the lower levels have not eluded the eye of the research community. 

Hip Rotation and Breaststroke

Continuing with our series on the physical characteristics of elite swimmers, this week we have addressed hip internal and external rotation in breaststrokers.  Previously we looked at ankle mobility and knee hyperextension.  Please visit this week's post at HERE at Swimming Science

Training Knee Hyperextension in Swimming

Earlier this week at Swimming Science we addressed strategies to train knee extension for kicking.  This post was a follow up to post last week asking the question whether knee hyperextension is trainable.  Please visit HERE for this week's post.  Look for us to expand on the theme of elite swimmers' movement traits and ways that others can improve these specific areas. 

Reflections on the Ironman World Championships

*Even though Chrissie Wellington got it done with a weak swim, age groupers shouldn’t use her success as an excuse to avoid the pool.  Faster swimming means faster people to draft behind, meaning you exit the water with faster people to ride with.  Chrissie riding through the womens’ field with fairly clear roads is much different than an age grouper swimming slow and then trying to ride through the masses. 

Fixing What's Broken: Elite Development and USA Gymnastics

I was thinking yesterday morning the USA has looked great during podium training in Tokyo; almost TOO great. Unfortunately my gut instinct was correct. First Anna Li went down with a lower abdominal injury, then Allie Raisman with an ankle then Alicia Sacramone with a potentially torn Achilles.   Fortunately, Allie appears to have escaped serious injury and should make the final lineup.  With these injuries, ASac and Anna join a growing list of US elites on the injury sideline for the most important competition since the 2008 Games. 

Notes from Coach Joe Vigil presentation

Several weeks ago, one of our coaching heroes, Dr. Joe Vigil, was gracious enough to visit our place and speak to a group of our athletes and friends.  Here are some of his thoughts:

-Have faith in yourself, your coach, and your own philosophy of life.

Exercises that Runners Should Reconsider

Runners, like many athletes, tend to be creatures of habit.  When something embeds itself into the culture, it is usually there for the long haul.  Such is the case with many supplementary exercises, some of which have more grounding in tradition than efficacy.  Below are three exercises that runners commonly do, but are best left out of most generalized training programs: crunches, lunges, and heel drops.


Ankles and Swimming: Part IV

The final installment of our Ankles and Swimming series is posted at Swimming Science.  In this post we address ankle function in dry land exercises and during the wall contact phase of turns. 

Below are links to the entire series.  Look for us to address other aspects of the kick in coming weeks!