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The Effect of Menstrual Cycle Phase on Athletic Performance

There are many things to consider with coaching.  Preparing athletes is far more than simply writing a schedule and plugging in the numbers.  Individualized treatment is also paramount for rehabilitation, as understanding the whole person is more important than endless recycling of one’s favorite treatment.  

Maintaining Strength During a Competitive Season


One challenge during a competitive season is maintaining strength gains.  Like many things, it’s a delicate balance between too much and not enough.  Do too much and you fail to exploit the benefits of a taper; do too little and you potentially lose the benefits of all the work you’ve done and perhaps set yourself too far back to begin the next training cycle. 

Vitamin C, Immunity, and Athletes


With early-year cold and flu season in full swing, athletes are all looking for ways to improve immunity and avoid illness.  The simple answer is to train appropriately, get rest, and eat a healthy diet.  However, since most people can’t cloister themselves away from humanity, it’s critical to find ways to bolster our defenses beyond common sense life habits.

A Defense for Ice Baths?

Ice baths have been a controversial topic in sports.  Despite their long history in the training room, the formal evidence has been mixed on their effectiveness.  Many athletes swear by them for recovery while others who detest the frigid waters welcome any excuse to avoid them.

Single Leg Stance and Gait Stability

Running is complex gait pattern but can be distilled into high repetition single leg stance.  Further, the ability of the young human to balance on one leg is a critical motor milestone that retains importance at all ages.  Modern biomechanics has given us tools to break down movement with painstaking detail.  But despite this detail, we must never stray from the basics, one of which is supporting the body on one leg.