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Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD): Paralympic Athlete with an Acquired Condition

Last weekend was a great weekend for one of our athletes, Paralympic cyclist Kara Vatthauer. At the USA Cycling National Championship in Augusta, Georgia (home of the Masters, of course), Kara earned a berth to the Paralympic cycling world championships with a victory in the Road Race and a second place in the Time Trial in the Visually Impaired category.

Troubleshooting the Thoracic Spine in Swimming

For the second installment of our Troubleshooting series with Swimming Science and Dr. G. John Mullen, DPT, we cover dryland and stroke issues related to the thoracic spine.  Enjoy!     


Utah Valley Marathon and 5k Race Report

Allan and I traveled to Provo, Utah for the Utah Valley Marathon on Saturday. Allan raced the marathon and I did the 5k. Our flight arrived into Salt Lake City Thursday afternoon and we were surprised to still see snow on the high mountains. Thanks to SLC having learned the lessons of the traffic disasters of the1996 Atlanta Olympics before hosting the 2002 Winter Games, SLC has created a highly efficient airport and freeway system. Rental cars were on site, so we wasted no time waiting for a shuttle.

Individualization of Strength Training: Considerations for Runners and Endurance Athletes

This question below was presented on TheRunZone today and I thought it would be worthwhile to post my response here, since it is very much on point to our training philosophy.

 “Can someone tell me about the pros and cons of weights for running and which weights to do?”

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) Principles for Ironkids Triathlon: Part 4

The Learn to Train and Training to Train stages are the most important stages of athletic preparation.  During these stages, we make or break an athlete!

-Canadian Sport for Life

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) Principles for Ironkids Triathlon: Part 3

Old school multisport...Triathlon hadn't yet appeared in the Olympics when this picture was taken!

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