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Opportunity Cost and Training Interventions


Normally we talk exercise and sports science here, but today we’ll bring some economics into the discussion.  Specifically, we’ll address opportunity cost.

Quite simply, opportunity cost is cost of passing up your next best alternative.  For instance, if you earn $10 from investing in company X but could have earned $15 by investing in company Y, your opportunity cost of investing in X but not Y is $5. 

Exploring Causes of Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps: Part II

As intense summer heat engulfs the nation, many athletes complain of muscle cramps.  This post is a sequel to previous posts reviewing the literature in this area. 

Exploring Causes of Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps

Concepts for Hot Weather Training

Reasons NOT to Coach Running Form: Part II

Here is Part I...

After the recent 10000m events at Track and Field Olympic Trials, BYU’s biomechanics lab compiled an excellent photo montage of each runner’s footstrike.  See Men's 10k and Women's 10k for the complete photo montages.

Pelvic Precision

In recent months, Dr. John has written several articles detailing low pack health and performance.  Read them if you haven’t done so

A Lesson in Critical Thinking: Yoga and "Significant" Strength Gains

This post is about the importance of critical thinking regarding any and all claims, whether from published research or via anecdotal evidence…