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Concepts for Hot Weather Training


As we turn the calendar to June, hot weather is now upon us in Arizona and is on the horizon in many other places.  Most training accommodations for hot weather are fairly obvious: drink enough, replenish electrolytes, don’t do stupid workouts, and avoid the heat when possible.  In terms of fueling, this post is not the place for recommendations since everyone’s sweat rate and content of sweat is different.   The basic mechanisms behind heat and its effects on the body are also well established  For instance:

Reasons to NOT Coach Running Form

In recent years the barefoot craze took hold of the running world.  Fortunately, excitement has receded as barefoot devotees get hurt, realize they haven’t gotten any faster, and find that their beloved Tarahumaras still haven’t won a darned thing and got their butts kicked on their home country at the Mexico City Olympics.  Hopefully barefoot training will return to its rightful place as an adjunct to shod running rather than a full replacement… 

Radiologic Imaging and the Asymptomatic Athletic Shoulder

This week at Swimming Science, we explore the correlation (or lack thereof) between MRI findings and shoulder symptoms.  The post is a companion piece to our work last week on the lower body and MRI findings