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Drill to Skill: Quadruped Hip Extension on Elbows


Quadruped hip extension (aka, Donkey kicks) is a fairly simple yet versatile drill that can aid the transition from ground based movements into upright gait.  Below we’ll address concepts behind this exercise and how it can be used most effectively to bridge the gap between rudimentary movement and the advanced skill of running.

Exercises that Runners Should Reconsider (Part III)

Back for a third installment of Exercises That Runners Should Reconsider.  Please read Part I and Part II if you missed them.

Optimizing Breathing Patterns (Swimming)

This week at Swimming Science we explore the concept of breathing patterns.  Specifically, we explore the cost:benefit analysis of when to breathe in the pool during freestyle swimming.  Please go HERE for the complete post

Dr. Mullen has some other excellent articles up this week.  Make sure you check those out too!

Best Athletic Development Books of 2011: Part II

For my midyear report from several months ago, please go HERE.

Duration Specific Training for Swimming Part III: Distance

This week we conclude our three part series on duration specific training at Swimming Science.  Our focus in this installment is on distance events and open water.  Please go HERE for the complete post.

Quadruped Running Drills Part I: Troubleshooting

Quadruped drills such as “donkey kicks” and “fire hydrants” are quite popular these days in the running community.  Running coaches love these drills because they are relatively easy to administer and can target the lower body without adding excess fatigue to the legs.  Plus, when big name coaches start sharing them at conferences and on popular running websites, everyone else tends to follow along with the herd.