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The Nine "I's" of Running Injuries

Injuries remain a nefarious part of the running culture, despite years of scientific advancement. Gather a group of runners, and it is a virtual guarantee that everyone has been hurt. This information is less heartening when we consider that the number one predictor of future injury is past injury. When you are injured you can’t train. When you can’t train, you can’t improve.

Packing the Neck and Swimming: Part II

This week's Elite Characteristics installment at Swimming Science is now up, where we expand on the concept of a packed neck for swimmers.  (Please go HERE for PART I)

Part II is HERE

Reflections on the Ironman World Championships

*Even though Chrissie Wellington got it done with a weak swim, age groupers shouldn’t use her success as an excuse to avoid the pool.  Faster swimming means faster people to draft behind, meaning you exit the water with faster people to ride with.  Chrissie riding through the womens’ field with fairly clear roads is much different than an age grouper swimming slow and then trying to ride through the masses.