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Review: Fatigue and Stability in Elite Gymnasts

Here’s a chicken or the egg problem for today…does a weak trunk cause fatigue or does fatigue impair the trunk?  You can make compelling arguments in both directions.  Perhaps weak trunk musculature causes inefficient movements elsewhere in the body, leading to premature fatigue.  Alternatively, any activity when performed to fatigue (even if not isolated to the core) may impair the trunk.  Perhaps too, the trunk is merely the proxy by which many choose to measure stability in the nervous system.

Age Is Just a Number: Age Data From USA Swimming Olympic Trials


Last week I compiled some age data for the Olympic Trials.  Below are charts listing descriptive statistics of the Olympic Trials fields.  Since these were compiled these before the meet’s conclusion, data was from the psych sheet rather than Finals results. Some athletes obviously scratched, which may have affected the Top 16 averages, but the overall trends should remain similar.  

Reaction Time

Olympic Trials and the Olympics bring some of the most tension filled moments in sports: that endlessly quiet wait on the blocks anticipating the signal. The start of every race depends on how fast the swimmer reacts. 

Playtime for Dryland

“Play is motor poetry.”

-G.S. Hall