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More Functional Movement Screen Research

An update on recent Functional Movement Screen research from this year.  Nothing profound but some interesting correlations between FMS scores and BMI, along with new information on interrater reliability.  (For a look at previous FMS research discussion, please go HERE)

TOPS Testing: Is it Enough? Part II

Sometimes it’s nice to be validated when you take an unpopular stance…

A couple of years ago, Katherine wrote about TOPs testing in gymnastics (TOPS Testing, Is it Enough?), specifically addressing how sport specific testing paints an incomplete picture of physical readiness.  This was not a popular position in the sport, and managed to irritate more than a few folks, almost like insulting their first newborn child…

Overuse: The Cause of Injuries in Young Swimmers?

This week at Swimming Science...baseball and swimming.  A look at similarities in overuse patterns between sports, particularly as relates to the shoulder and young swimmers.  

Please go HERE for the full post.  

What's Your Training Age?

How old are you?  I can't think of a more loaded question in sports, other than "how much do you weigh?"  Sports in general take a superficial view of age, whether with young kids or with masters aged adults.  Mostly we think of age in terms of years having lived.  For training purposes, there are three general ways to think of age:

Notes from 2011 National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Arizona State Clinic: Day 2

Only one session on Day 2, but there was so much good information flowing that the program ran more than an hour long.  One of the unique things about this conference was that each presentation complemented the others.   

Looking Beyond the Mouth: Orthodontics and Their Effect on Athletic Development

One of the defining images from this summer’s swimming World Championships was that of teen sensation Missy Franklin showing off her orthodontic gadgetry on the medal podium.