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What kids need...or what parents want?

Earlier this week I crossed paths with a friend as he was doing some work. He had a bunch of work papers scattered around, but amongst them I noticed what looked to be a stack of football plays. Here's a glimpse of the conversation...

Me: Do you coach football?

Him: Yes

Me: Nice. At one of the high schools?

Him: No. My son's youth team. I'm the defensive line coach.

Me: How old is your son?

Him: Seven. The team is aged seven to nine.

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) Principles for Ironkids Triathlon: Part 4

The Learn to Train and Training to Train stages are the most important stages of athletic preparation.  During these stages, we make or break an athlete!

-Canadian Sport for Life

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) Principles for Ironkids Triathlon: Part 3

Old school multisport...Triathlon hadn't yet appeared in the Olympics when this picture was taken!

If you haven't done so, please see the first two installments of this blog series at:

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) Principles for Ironkids Triathlon: Part 2

In the first installment of this blog we talked about general concepts related to a Long Term Athletic Development approach for the Ironkids Triathlon age bracket of 6 through 15.  In part two of this blog, we'll delve more specifically into the first two stages of the LTAD model: Active Start and FUNdamentals.

Active Start

Changing the Paradigm in Junior Golf: Titleist Performance Institute Junior Development Presentation

Dr. Greg Rose created a presentation last year for parents at the Titleist Performance Institute Junior Performance Center in San Diego.  This presentation provides an overview of the entire TPI Junior Development philosophy.  The TPI system transcends junior golf development and is perhaps one of the finest junior development systems in any sport in any country.