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 "In endurance sports, its rare to find coaches who put the body first, who seek to educate and inspire as well as train their clients toward their performance goals.  Katherine and Allan at Pike Athletics are commited to the true foundations of endurance performance as is seen in their evaluation and training methods as well as in their partnerships and passion for maximizing performance.  A fantastic choice for anyone wanting to enjoy the journey in endurance multisport to the max!"

~ Jessi Stensland, Professional Triathlete, Founder MovementU


"Allan and Katherine Phillips are two people I respect greatly. They have competed in sports at high levels; they know what it takes to be successful; they have exceptional understanding of mechanical structure and function; and, they have superlative humanistic attributes, which make them enjoyable people to be around. I recommend highly their services at Pike Athletics: to anyone who wants to become fitter, injury free, and more dynamic as performers."

~ Thomas Schwartz (a.k.a. “Tinman”), MS in Exercise Science 


"Allan, I want to take some time and thank you again for all of the time you’ve spent working with me the past months, especially from afar. You have played a huge part in helping this 34 year-old go from injured and unable to run, to now having successfully screened for a BUD/S contract and age waiver!

As I’ve spoken with others around me the past few months who know I’ve been working with someone in regards to injuries and imbalances; the best way that I can impress upon others your competency and skill, is to describe how it is that you came to begin working with me. For months when running, I had slowly transitioned along an increasingly negative spectrum in feeling extremely “off”, rather clumsy, and eventually in minor pain with beginnings of some type of repetitive stress injuries showing up. Luckily, from our mutual friend and coach, you were able to see video of me racing. What I still find absolutely amazing to this day, is that with no knowledge of prior injury history, that you were able to make an assessment (just by watching my now aesthetically unpleasant running form), that you believed that the symptoms I was experiencing stemmed from my left ankle. (It just so happened that I had severely injured my ankle about 11 months prior when overseas). Thus began a relationship of working with me from afar.

Your initial observations and assessment really set the tone in displaying your attention to detail. (I can only imagine if I was able to work with you in person just how much faster we would have tackled the issues I was having). Your patience, ability to “listen” via emails, and feedback have been immensely helpful. As I’ve been able to learn a little bit more about some of your training and methods I’ve noticed that you have not only a great knack for knowing when to coach with specific or general parameters; but you also seem to value sitting back and analyzing the clients feedback. I’ve been very impressed a number of times (in much the same manner as a good physician will do), you essentially sit back and listen to me explain what is going on, but then follow on with a better deciphering of what my body is telling me. I can’t think of a time I’ve found you to be wrong since day one. Striking a balance between the two methods as we are working from afar has been imperative, but it has also been effective!

Finally, you know by now too that I am never short on questions, and the detail in which you always reply…well…sometimes I’m not sure when you have to time to get in your own training! But in all seriousness, whether it is more recently the general advice in the weeks before screening for my BUD/S contract, or the ongoing and more nuanced guidance in addressing my imbalances and helping “bulletproof” me before entering training, I can not thank you enough."

~Doug E., United States Navy Reserve


"Pike Athletics conducted a clinic at our swim club in April 2010. They videotaped each participant under and over water, worked with our coach to analyze strokes, then led us through land exercises designed to correct common technique flaws. The experience opened my eyes both as a swimmer and as a coach. I realize now that swim technique can be improved not only through good coaching in the pool, but also through understanding and correcting physical limitations that begin on land. Everyone in attendance at the clinic raved about it and we look forward to a long association with Pike Athletics as we work to assess and correct our movement patterns and improve our physical conditioning. Our goal as adult athletes is not just to swim better, but to age well."

~ June Hussey, lifelong swimmer, founder of Skyline Masters Swim Club, open water swimming enthusiast.


"I recently attended a functional movement series with Allan and Katherine. I found their knowledge of mechanical structure and function to be exceptional. Even though they have been high level athletes, they are very patient with us "average joes" and a pleasure to work with. It was very helpful to learn about my physical limitations and simple ways I could work on improving them at home. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who likes to be active and would like to improve their physical condition to avoid pain and injuries as well as performance."

~Sally Myers, RD, CPT (just trying to age gracefully)